ECO WARRIOR: Organic Cotton Clothing Line from MAKARA WEAR

ECO WARRIOR: Organic Cotton Clothing Line from MAKARA WEAR - Makara wear

New Clothing Line From Makara Wear – an experimental collection, partly unisex and ligh earthy colors and materials. It’s MUST HAVE THING for all world traveller in their big luggage or backpack, it will wrap you during many different weather conditions and life activities.

ORGANIC COTTON and RYAN COTTON is super light and stretchy will let you movie freely and look still elegant.

It’s MUST HAVE THING for all world travellers in their big luggage or backpack.







Is anUnisex long T-shirt or can be a dress for female owners. The cut has quite long wide sleeves which is a perfect match for motorbike ride and sun, so you will not get sunburnt. A bit wider neck cut lets set your beautiful bones and let your body breath you can choose from Black, Off white and Cement Blue colors.

TU -LONG Maxi Dress

Super Light, nearly through see maxi dress with deep cuts on the sides. Triangle neck cut and wrinkle detail on your chest. The Designer was imagining Alien girl who wears a dress and it’s like a new skin and wrinkles looks a bit like biological ribs.The idea of this dress it’s one movement dress, it takes you one second to put on or take it off. It’s perfect when you rushing might to work or might to jump into waves before work. It comes in Washed Navy (Dark Blue) and Off white colors.


It’s 3 step’s T-shirt. Nr.1 – Cut and stitch. Nr. 2 – the t-shirt died and washed with special ingredients so material is soft and super stretchy and a color looks like washed. Nr.-3 We stoned washed it and this is how borns little holes in your t-shirt.
It’s not just cool look but it’s a good t-shirt to wear hot day. It comes in Washed grey and off white.

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