Meet our partner Fluid Focus Freediving Retreat
Freediving is not just a sport; it's a journey into the serene depths of both the ocean and oneself. In the picturesque setting of Nusa Lembongan, an island paradise in Indonesia, Fluid Focus offers transformative freediving retreats that cater to enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you're a beginner eager to take your first breath underwater or an experienced freediver looking to deepen your practice, Fluid Focus provides an exceptional setting and program tailored just for you.
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AOI Collaborative Capsule Collection - Makara wear


It's a new brand that will be re-leased on 2023 April. A full collection by MAKARA WEAR's designer and owner - Gerda Mi.
A minimal, sophisticated feeling mixed with sustainable materials, zero waste cut formula's + sexy fearless emotion. A little streets feeling. 
Movement. Fearless. Free. Yet Elegant
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Different Beauty Standards: starts from heart, we all deserve to be happy - says Indre - Makara wear

Do you think beauty standards is changing and how?

Yes, you can see that people are becoming more and more liberated. People are starting to realize that no matter how much you weigh, what height you are, what skin colour you are or what your disability is, you have the right to feel beautiful and fulfilling. In Lithuania, people are still hiding a bit, especially almost no one talks about physical disability, I hid too, but I realized that it is time to start talking and showing, and people perception will change. I used to hide my leg when I took photos, but now I do not want to hide anymore because it is part of me and it has the right to be seen like all other parts of the body.

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COVID-19 FOOD BANK: It's time to give back & together we are stronger - Makara wear

It's time to give back!

We need your support to go on fighting hunger in Bali. Now more than ever before.

We would love to introduce a beautiful project that we have recently joined - FOOD BANK with Founder Max Bratsun.  At Makara Wear, our clothing is handmade with great care by 2 Balinese families, and we are feeling a strong need to give back to the community.  We are so grateful for the people of Bali, with their crafty hands and lovely culture - we feel that now is a great time for us to give back to the people, especially those in need of food.  For every purchase you now make with us - 10% of the sale will be passed on to the FOOD BANK. 

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