Meet our Partner in crime: Surf and their wonderful coach Jenny, who is ex-coach of Billabong women's team - Makara wear
We are so happy to talk with their Super Coach - Serena, who is ex-professional surfer and ex surf-coach of Australia's team for Junior World Champion surfers and Billabong surf team. We are absolutely stoked that ladies like Serena choose and love MAKARA WEAR Surf suits. Here is a little interview with her about and, of course, our wonderful swimwear!


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Makara wear's swimsuits LOVE ALL SHAPES: Interview with Babe Guru about body positivity - Makara wear
If you're black, your role on this Earth is to become a black person who is proud of herself. If you're plus size, be the role model for others. If you're curvy, rock your curves, so you can inspire others for body positivity. If you're a model, you are in a great position to expose the dark side of the fashion industry from the inside out. Got my point? Our bodies are here to serve us, to serve light, to be the vessels of the force of Love on this Earth. 
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Powerful and transformational interview with Thanh: how better eating habits &  exercises transformed her body & soul. - Makara wear

Powerful and transformational interview with Thanh: how better eating habits &  exercises transformed her body & soul.

I am lucky to say that I always felt comfortable with my body as I understood from a very young age that physical aspects only accounted for such a small portion of who I am, and rather than hyper focusing on the outer shell that was readily given to me, I focused on nurturing who I was in my heart and mind as I believe that we hold all the power to become our greater self by being a certain way rather than looking it and that our true worth always shines through.

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Surfer Mom and Director of Hotel Pacai Rūta Pulkauninkaitė  sharing her secrets how to do it all and at the same time enjoy travels. - Makara wear
Rūta is one of our lovely customers who wrote to us saying "Hey, I'm looking for something for travel and surfing", and we were like, "We got you covered, girl!"
She chose Red Open Scale One Piece swimsuit and got some amazing pictures taken wearing a Makara one-piece. This is when we decided to invite this lady, mother, surfer, traveler, director of Hotel Pacai ( ) for an interview. 
Powerhouse Ruta reveals how she manages TO DO IT ALL and what it's like to be splitting time between Bali and Lithuania. Ruta's presence is so calm, this woman just makes you smile! 
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