Sustainable Fashion is the only way of act

Sustainable Fashion is the only way of act - Makara wear

The fashion industry is fast and dirty , but we are here to create something better. Searching for a better innovation, zero waste formula, sustainable materials - and an ethical production.

White Organic Crop Top & White Organic Classic Briefs

Makara wear Underwear


Makara wear Organic Underwear

White Organic Crop Top & White Organic Classic Briefs 



The fashion industry have changed into this fast machine, that's not caring anymore about anything else just money.

We think sustainability it's the only way of act, what's left. We only use fabrics that care for our environment and we  work with Balinese Family's Local Factory  that cares about their workers and environment.Sustainable Fashion is the only way of act.


What's the #1 rule about making clothes & Underwear?

Makara wear's designer has worked very hard to create a product that is simple, yet sophisticated  & care about each cm of material so it would be practical and flattering. Investing in quality fabrics, quality specialist, quality elastics and anything else, we care about each stitch and every centimetre.

Makara wear underwear

Triangle Bra & Black Classic Briefs

Kimono Makara wear

Organic French Terry Kimono

What's the #2 rule about making clothes & Underwear?

It' has to look DAMN' GOOD. Of course it' has to be good for earth too. Sustainability is sexy, we create products that our designer, creator and staff, would love to wear it everyday, every piece we create is UNIVERSAL, that's means you can wear it for different occasions and don't need 5 t-shirts. LESS IS MORE.

Makara wear underwear


What's the #3 rule about making clothes & Underwear?

Our products LIVE LONG ( Check our product care instructions so your MAKARA WEAR -would live "forever" :) , every our product created to last more than 2 years. Amazing, right? QUALITY,First - we are aware as a brand about massive cheap product consumerism, and the problem is not anymore recycling. 

Makara wear Under2wear

The problem is consuming, did you know that 50% of recycle materials - have no place to be recycled anymore. So ONCE AGAIN, invest in your sustainable clothing.



All photos taken by Max Kinsky & Elena Kolyasova



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