Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and the world. - Makara wear
Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and… the world.
We are not a company that is in the business for profit only. We are part of a modern movement that inspires our generation to move forward, to achieve personal goals and dreams. We are here because we want to set an example to other companies on how to pay a fair and deserved salary, respect this planet earth, and help those that are around us. We are also here to offer something that is unique, meeting at the crossroad avenues of Modern and Vintage, that helps women move freely, be comfortable and look elegant. Makara’s goal is to provide women with fashionable surfwear, swimwear and cotton wear clothing.
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INTERVIEW with one of the most fashionable people in Bali – Kelly Ariella - Makara wear
ntroducing Kelly – who’s kicking ass with her provocative style and new natural cosmetic brand – WAKE UP WITH ME. She’s simply all over the place. Right now, she’s preparing next spring’s Gili Air Festival – a 3 day music event in Indonesia’s famed Gili Islands. In-between creating music events and launching her own signature cosmetic line, she’s also a super hot model and stylist. Luckily for us, she loves Makara Wear bikinis and no matter how busy it gets, she finds time for the beach… Find out more about Kelly’s dream trips and her just launched cosmetic brand below.
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TRAVEL: SURF TRIP to Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan - Makara wear

Traveling is always a good idea. Traveling and surfing is an even better one. At the end of December I went to Nusa Lembongan island. White sand beaches, steep cliffs, turquoise water, silky and clear ocean floor… Life is beautiful!

This exotic island has 3 surf breaks: Playgrounds (pretty mellow waves, good for long and short boards, right and left, on a big day – it will barrel). Lacerations (medium waves, pretty fast right). Shipwrecks (the word wreck gives it away. It’s the most intense of them all. Fast right and strong rip current combo! BAMM!)

They’re all reef breaks. You can paddle out to Playgrounds and Lacerations, but on a big day – for Shipwrecks you need a boat, because regardless of your new year’s resolutions of getting fit – paddling through waves with the intensity of a herd of charging bulls, is a tad bit hairy.

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INTERVIEW  with Mermaid Sasha, who Never Stops Smiling Even Under Water - Makara wear
Sasha Golyanova – Surf Photographer, cute chick with blond and curly hair. She has great energy and is absolutely charming. The most surprising fact about her is, that Sasha was a Police woman in Russia, but now she chose a different direction in her life. She captures waves, surfers and moments for a living.
We are so grateful that she found a minute for us, because she is a busy bee – running between Indonesian islands, photo-shooting surfers.
Makara Wear is proud to sponsor such a powerful woman. You go girl!
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ECO WARRIOR: Organic Cotton Clothing Line from MAKARA WEAR - Makara wear

New Clothing Line From Makara Wear – an experimental collection, partly unisex and ligh earthy colors and materials. It’s MUST HAVE THING for all world traveller in their big luggage or backpack, it will wrap you during many different weather conditions and life activities.

ORGANIC COTTON and RYAN COTTON is super light and stretchy will let you movie freely and look still elegant.

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