TRAVEL: SURF TRIP to Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan

TRAVEL: SURF TRIP to Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Ceningan - Makara wear

Our years usually end with us pressuring ourselves to become better for the upcoming one… As you tire your hand and mind writing your New Year’s Resolutions List… “I promise to: get in healthier habits, call my parents more often, focus on relationships… I am going to become a Buddha this year!”

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Alas, life doesn’t work this way. Our New Year’s Resolutions and the will needed to enforce them usually fade faster than a printed newspaper in the sun … So this time the decision was made to change things up. I will start off with less promises and more smiles. More self awareness. More attention and energy towards the people I love and doing more of what makes me happy. I realized this is a clichè for a reason – it works.
When I am happy – I can offer way more to the rest of the world. I can give without expecting to receive, I can be one big Teddy Bear and hug the world.



Traveling is always a good idea. Traveling and surfing is an even better one. At the end of December I went to Nusa Lembongan island. White sand beaches, steep cliffs, turquoise water, silky and clear ocean floor… Life is beautiful!

This exotic island has 3 surf breaks: Playgrounds (pretty mellow waves, good for long and short boards, right and left, on a big day – it will barrel). Lacerations (medium waves, pretty fast right). Shipwrecks (the word wreck gives it away. It’s the most intense of them all. Fast right and strong rip current combo! BAMMM!)

They’re all reef breaks. You can paddle out to Playgrounds and Lacerations, but on a big day – for Shipwrecks you need a boat, because regardless of your new year’s resolutions of getting fit – paddling through waves with the intensity of a herd of charging bulls, is a tad bit hairy.

Wearing: Tu-Long Maxi Dress and Organic Cotton Unisex T-shirt : This item you can find in Makara wear Store

As you can see Mr. reef got a bite of my foot. And while, I don’t personally like the feel of booties, I would suggest them for people who want to be super safe.

But Nusa Lembongan has a lot to offer besides surfing. Diving and hanging out with Manta Rays is pretty cool, at least in my book. The snorkeling here is great, sun tanning on the beach while enjoying a local drink, exploring the nature of the island… Your options are limitless!

2017 We Started with a New Island – Nusa Ceningan which is ridiculously nearby and only takes a 1 min transfer by the boat (since the fall of The Yellow Bridge)

Nusa Ceningan it’s a small wild island with one AMAZING shhh! secret surf break, 10 restaurants and wild kampong style villages.



Wearing: Cotton Lulu Body (Coming Soon) & Open Scale One Piece Swimsuit

There’s not much to do, but it’s so beautiful and chill, and the secret wave is just amazeballs. We stayed in this picturesque small bungalow called Le Pirate Beach Club great location, affordable, tiny huts and overall – a well managed place. It’s a little Pirate Paradise, super clean and minimal design, just right for a couple or group of friends.





After a rewarding perfect getaway as this, it’s easy to jump back to the routine of life. Getting back to work, sports, family, friends… filled with inspiration. Treat yourself well this 2017! And don’t forget to smile at everyone you meet, because they deserve it. And so do you.

Tips for places:

STAY: Le Pirate, Oka Bungalow, Boutique Hotel Pandana
EAT: The Deck, Mamma Mia, The Dungki Bendega & Le Pirate (at Ceningan)
Coffee: Kenyan African coffee shop (at Lembongan) and Next Level Cafe (at Ceningan)

Surf up Mermaids and keep on shredding beautiful waves!

Makara wear’s Mermaid: Gerda Mi
All photos by: Darrin Lin

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