Culture Machine ( ) Babes Tiff Adcock and Photographer Masha Kuprianova did some little shoot in Bali between wild streets and constructions. As usual accessories for Bali Babes motorbikes and surfboards.

Island’s life style, which ‘Modern Mermaids’ love the most.

Preety bad ass Result, Makara wear always Happy to Work with these talented babes.

Tiff wears Long Sleeve Polaroid, Midriff Silver Bikini,Black Open Scale, Black Turtle Neck and Ex-libris swimsuits.

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Makara’s Soul Surf Brigade Went for a Morning Surf - Makara wear

Strength is built through loving yourself and discipline. There is nothing like a morning surf session with your girls to kick start the day. Makara’s soul surf brigade went and did exactly that: rose early and got in the water to enjoy themselves, got their workout in and prepared well for the day. Winners!

The girls tested the new Makara swimsuits in the ocean, in sizeable overhead conditions and their feedback was: “All Makara’s surf-wear fits like a second skin. We felt confident and comfortable – which is the most important thing in this sport”.

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INTERVIEW: Saskia Koerner Wild at Heart photographer - Makara wear
Beautiful Soul Saskia Koerner, is based in Bali. She ran an international clothing brand – MISFIT that spanned Cape Town, Germany and California. And has been involved in various photography projects, involving some of the most influential photographers in New York.
Saskia is warm and exudes a super feminine, yet punk rock kind of energy – which she carries around the world and into her photos. One of her recent projects is “Light Waves” – an exhibition at Deus gallery in Bali and Byron Bay Surf Festival in Australia. She was also the woman behind the Yak Magazine photoshoot with Circus De Soleil Artist Julia for Makara wear swimsuits.
In the middle of road trips between New Zealand and Byron Bay, we caught up with this powerhouse today and asked her a couple of questions.
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Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and the world. - Makara wear
Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and… the world.
We are not a company that is in the business for profit only. We are part of a modern movement that inspires our generation to move forward, to achieve personal goals and dreams. We are here because we want to set an example to other companies on how to pay a fair and deserved salary, respect this planet earth, and help those that are around us. We are also here to offer something that is unique, meeting at the crossroad avenues of Modern and Vintage, that helps women move freely, be comfortable and look elegant. Makara’s goal is to provide women with fashionable surfwear, swimwear and cotton wear clothing.
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