Surfer Mom and Director of Hotel Pacai Rūta Pulkauninkaitė sharing her secrets how to do it all and at the same time enjoy travels.

Surfer Mom and Director of Hotel Pacai Rūta Pulkauninkaitė  sharing her secrets how to do it all and at the same time enjoy travels. - Makara wear


Rūta is one of our lovely customers who wrote to us saying "Hey, I'm looking for something for travel and surfing", and we were like, "We got you covered, girl!"

She chose Red Open Scale One Piece swimsuit and got some amazing pictures taken wearing a Makara one-piece. This is when we decided to invite this lady, mother, surfer, traveler, director of Hotel Pacai ( ) for an interview.

Powerhouse Ruta reveals how she manages TO DO IT ALL and what it's like to be splitting time between Bali and Lithuania. Ruta's presence is so calm, this woman just makes you smile!

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Tell us about yourself in one sentence?

I am a woman, mother of two kids, wife, business woman, water sport lover, crazy about travelling and exploring.

Where were you born?

Vilnius, Lithuania

What’s your favorite sport?

At the moment it is surfing, but kite surfing and wake boarding are on the top list as well.

What are your talents?

I love life and people and that’s my superpower.

What's your favorite color?

I don’t have a favourite. All colors are beautiful. Grey, green and coral are among my top.


General manager of a luxury design hotel.


We know you have been living between Bali and Lithuania? How does that work? Especially when you have 2 babies and husband?:)

I always dreamt of living in tropics, as soon as I got pregnant I started searching what place in the world I would love to go and Bali won. All our family fell in love with Bali living so it is not difficult anymore to decide where are we going. And kids are happy when parrents are happy. How does it work? My husband does work online and for me it is more complicated: I just started a position as a hotel general manager in Vilnius and will stay in Lithuania for a while.

For such a lifestyle that you have, do you feel like you need to sacrifice something?

Absolutely! Yes, you sacrifice the comfort that you created at home, you leave your relatives, friends, even the house that you put so much love. You have to count and save. You are never sure how everything will turn up. Leaving to another country is a hard decision, it is another culture, traditions, food, climate.  But I was not sorry about this change in our lives not even for the second. 





What does ACHIEVEMENT mean to you?

For me achievement is never ending process. Even when you achieve something, there is still plenty of room for improvement or I create new goals that have to be achieved. But each small or big achievement I accept as happiness. 

What is your definition of success ?

Do what you love, love what you do. Do things with passion.

What do you look for when purchasing a swimwear?

First of all it shall fit me and look good on me. I don’t care about the fashion if I feel stupid in that swimwear. Then the quality - salty water, strong sun or chlorine may ruin the swimwear if it’s not quality. And of course when buying swimwear I often ask myself will I be able to surf in this swimwear, will it not fall down from my shoulders or even worse:)

How does Makara Wear differ from other swimwear companies ?

It is perfect for surfing, it looks good, it fits good on different body types and it is really very good quality. 


Which piece you bought from Makara wear? For what reason? And why you chose US not other brand?

I bought one piece as I was desperately looking for surf swimwear that would also look very nice and comfortable and the one that could be also used as a normal swimsuit. I cannot express how grateful I am for choosing this piece. It is truly amazing. Moreover, almost everyday I recieved a compliment from other girls about it😀



And finally... If you could choose to go anywhere, right now, where would it be ? Why?

Bali is always on my mind:) But I also dream of going surfing to Hawaii one day!


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