Meet our Partner in crime: Surf and their wonderful coach Jenny, who is ex-coach of Billabong women's team

Meet our Partner in crime: Surf and their wonderful coach Jenny, who is ex-coach of Billabong women's team - Makara wear

 Surf getaways and Makara wear

We are so thrilled to introduce our new partner - SURFGETAWAYS.COM.AU ! are all about wonderful surf retreat packages in exotic places all around the world. Think hot destinations such as Bali, Fiji or Maldives. The best part of the Surf retreat? They take their surf training very seriously and can accommodate different levels of surfers: from beginners to advanced. We are talking about professional skills here...
We are so happy to talk with their Super Coach - Jenny, who is ex-professional surfer and ex surf-coach of Australia's team for Junior World Champion surfers and Billabong surf team. We are absolutely stoked that ladies like Jenny choose and love MAKARA WEAR Surf suits. Here is a little interview with her about and, of course, our wonderful swimwear!


 Surf Getaways Makara wear


Tell us about yourself in one sentence?

Im 43 years young, married to a super supportive hubby, a mother to 2 energetic groms, ex professional surfer (1993-2005), business-woman, surfing coach and last but not least -a frothing surfer who loves to travel.


Im was also Junior World Champion surfer in 1995 and have coached Australia’ s team for Junior world championships, The Billabong womens team, as well as female surfers competing on the word tour.  

Makara wear Long Sleeve ChromisJenny is wearing Long Sleeve Chromis 

Tell us about the business that you are involved in 


Surf Getaways is a Womens Surf Travel Company offering multiple destinations around the world. If you are someone who may never have tried surfing before or are currently at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, we have a tour designed for you.

Our tour packages provide women with the opportunity to experience the highest level of female surf coaching/guiding and hosting whilst being supported in a safe and fun environment, with great food and accomodation



What do you do at Surf Getaways

Surf Getaways Director of Destinations and High Performance. Ill also be a coach on some of our tours.

My past experience as a Professional Surfer travelling the world combined with Surf Coaching at an elite level worldwide has equipped me with the skills needed to research and develop the best destinations for our Surf Getaways Tours. I have personally experienced surfing as a novice, beginner, intermediate and advanced ability so I can also relate to the needs of all women when it comes to what surf tour might best suit them.


 Both wearing Long Sleeve Chromis

What does ACHIEVEMENT mean to you? 

Being proud of reaching personal goals that I have set for myself. As long as my goals are realistic and achievable, I believe that short-term and long-term goals help create the best and happiest version of myself.


What do you look for when purchasing swimwear? 

During the 30 years that I have spent surfing I have definitely worn a lot of different brands and styles of swimwear. These days I am a little more fussier when choosing swimwear so it needs to be comfortable, practical, stay on while I surf and look good too. High quality material and stitching is a must otherwise swimwear just does not endure a surfing lifestyle. Sustainability is also a big factor for me.


How does Makara Wear differ from other swimwear companies ? 

Comfortable and stays on in the surf. They look good too! Lots of variety in their range. 


Which piece are you wearing from Makara wear? 

Im currently wearing the Chromis long sleeve suit. It is super comfortable and cute design that doesnt slide on my skin whilst Im lying on my board paddling. It is UV 50+ which is a must and also offers me extra sun protection by being long sleeve. I love the contrast of the blue edges and the functional ribbon tie on the back.


Let's talk about Women's surf Industry, as we know that your business has inspired quite a few women to start surfing, travelling and to be more confident? What's the biggest goal of Surf

To inspire and empower women to fulfil their full potential through surfing. To get as many women to surf as we can.


Makara wear Long Sleeve Chromis


What inspired you to to get involved with Surf Getaways? 

After retiring from a life on the road as a professional surfer it was time to move on with my next personal dream - to create the opportunity for women to experience the highest quality surfing coaching holiday in a safe and supported atmosphere. I wanted to share how fun and contagious surfing and travel is and how it can open up a world of growth on lifes journey. I guess you could say Im living the dream!!


If you could travel anywhere right now, where it would be? 

 Id definitively like to be on one of our Surf Tours in Bali right now as this is one of the best times of the year to surf and experience what Bali has to offer. 



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