Makara wear's swimsuits LOVE ALL SHAPES: Interview with Babe Guru about body positivity

Makara wear's swimsuits LOVE ALL SHAPES: Interview with Babe Guru about body positivity - Makara wear

Elizabeth Ananda aka The Babe Guru (@thebabeguru; is a self-love ambassador, a spiritual & wellness coach, a girlboss who owns a sustainable fashion brand Babe Universe, and a proud mamma to her dog Muffin the pug. Makara Wear was happy to talk to her about all things self-love, body positivity, and, of course, swimwear!

Makara wear Open Scale One piece swimsuit

Elizabeth wearing MAKARA WEAR's NEW (online soon)  Lori Scale in Haki made from recycled nylon

So Elizabeth, we see those pictures of you rocking your curves in Makara Wear swimsuit and you look amazing. We're wondering, does confidence come naturally to you? Or is it something that you had to learn? What's the secret to your body positivity? 

Well, what makes me feel the most confident in my body... is remembering that I'm not just my body, but a soul. I believe that the way we look is no coincidence - we chose to incarnate into specific bodies because they were perfect for the exact role we were meant to play on this Earth. I believe that every babe, or every soul, has an individualised learning curriculum, a set of experiences, both positive and negative, to experience in this lifetime for the soul's growth. And for that particular role, we chose very specific bodies - and your body, the way you look, every inch of you, every freckle or mole is no coincidence - we're all a beautiful part of this Universe and we are exactly as we're meant to be. 

If you're black, your role on this Earth is to become a black person who is proud of herself. If you're plus size, be the role model for others. If you're curvy, rock your curves, so you can inspire others for body positivity. If you're a model, you are in a great position to expose the dark side of the fashion industry from the inside out. Got my point? Our bodies are here to serve us, to serve light, to be the vessels of the force of Love on this Earth. 

Our bodies so beautiful, so precious - they have the power to give birth to another human being, they have the power of a healing touch, a hug, the power of lovemaking. Our bodies are awesome, perfect, beautiful and magnificent. 

I feel most beautiful when I am connected to my spirit when I meditate. I also feel most beautiful when I'm connected to my body through various forms of movement: yoga, barre, pilates, dance. 

Organic Body Suit From Makara wear

Elizabeth wearing Makara wear Organic Cotton Body Suit (online soon)

We just heard that you released an online coaching course called "Happiness. Wellness. Self-Love." What is it all about? 

My transformative 30-day digital course is all about being the happiest you — mind, body & soul. It's about letting go of the energies, beliefs and events of the past that no longer serve you — and making space for something new, beautiful and joyful to emerge. Including a new, upgraded, Beyoncé-fied version of you. A version that is ready for more love, joy, fun, healing, inner peace, success, space, and happiness in different areas of your life. 

"Happiness. Wellness. Self-Love." has 5 modules. Each module has 4 different parts: videos, readings, exercises, and meditations. The format of the teaching is fun, intimate, and interactive. I finish this course by sharing some feel-good tricks and tips that will support you long after the course has ended.

Surf Agent Makara wear

Elizabeth wearing Surf Agent One piece swimsuit

Sounds good! Now - back to fashion. Which is your favourite piece of Makara Wear? Why? 

I have a few! I am a sucker for your best-seller long-sleeve black one-piece - it looks so classy and elegant! But I also got the red animal-printed bikini for the days when I'm in a sexier mood or when I know I'll spend the day on the beach. And I'm most excited about your new eco-conscious line made from recycled plastic - way to go! 


Coco top in blush pink

Elizabeth wearing COCO Top in Blush Pink 

What are 3 words you think of when you think of Makara Wear? 

Surfing badass babes! 

As someone who has your own sustainable fashion brand Babe Universe, what would you wish for Makara Wear and its fans? 

I would say it's amazing you have turned towards sustainability! Your idea of swimwear from recycled plastic is just fantastic! Never lose your core identity of #girlpower vibes, freedom, independence and the joy of movement. Keep on inspiring and being inspired! xx


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