Our Inspiration: Vanya Muslim Surfer from Batukaras, who teaches English and Surf other locals girls

Our Inspiration: Vanya Muslim Surfer from Batukaras, who teaches English and Surf other locals girls - Makara wear

Vanya is not just an ordinary Muslim surfer from Batukaras. She is super humble with a big smile that never seems to leave her face. Vanya does her bit for the local community by sharing her passion for surfing with the other local girls. She also teaches English to the local children as she believes it will have a huge positive impact in the future.
We met Vanya on her break between catching waves in the ocean. Here is her story where she shares what it means to be a Muslim surfer girl and how she joined the Batukaras Surf Club.

Vanya wearing ABRA ONE PIECE in Black size S.


Tell us about yourself in one sentence.

My name is Vanya, and I love surfing, cats, kids, coffee, and my husband Yoga :)

Where were you born?

I was born in a small Muslim village, Kudus in Central Java. I grew up in Bandung, and I’ve been living in Batukaras for the past 3 years.


What are your talents?

Hmm, I don't know how to answer this, to be honest, hehehe, I am still in the learning process of everything I do. 

What is your occupation?

I work as a producer (fixer) here in Indonesia for a tv, commercial and film projects. When I have to work, I leave Batukaras for a couple of weeks for filming.


Tell us more about your surf school /surf club for a younger kids?


I am a member of Batukaras Surf Club (BSC) the organization that was built in 1997. I joined it 3 years ago when I started helping Gilang with his English Class. Now one of my main roles is to help the juniors and grommets in a surf area. For example, I organize stuff when there is a competition out of town, write proposals and letters, collect funds for surf trips.

I am also one of the founders and executives of The Little Heroes (a competition that held every year for grommets). I also teach English to the local kids in Batukaras every Sunday.

How did you come up with the idea to start this project?

Does the project mean the English Class? If yes, it was Gilang, my senior in a Coaching Division, who started an English Class 3 years ago. Batukaras is a touristic area and looking ahead English is an important language for them to learn. I joined in and have been helping Gilang


 Is it true that not many Indonesian women interested into surfing in Java? Why?

I think because most of them are afraid of getting their skin dark, get into the ocean, get wipe-out, get bite by a shark!!, also the 'beach boys and girls' have a bad reputation for some peoples in the village. But this also because most of their parents are making those kinds of doctrine since they're still a little kid. My mom used to not let me play under the sun that much when we're going on the family holiday to the beach and put me under an umbrella or long t-shirt. 
The other thing is a surfboard and the accessories are expensive, I know a few girls in Batu who stop surfing for a while because they don't have a surfboard, or out of wax, or the fin is broken, etc.since the end of 2018. So every Sunday morning I teach English to the kids here in Batukaras...

Do you think more women will join this sport in Indonesia in the future?

Yes, I think so. It has started just now and as you can see more and more women join the BK's nowadays. It is because we began to persuade each other to not be afraid to get a suntan which makes their skin dark. The girls have so much fun surfing in the water.

Do you think Makara Wear is different from other apparel companies?

Yes! I think Makara Wear differs from other apparel companies because of the recycled materials they use and elegant design!
How do you feel with our ABRA One Piece Swimwear?

It feels like I am wearing a second skin! I don’t have to worry about anything because it also covers parts of my body that I can't show (because I am a local living in Batukaras, it’s not polite to show too much of the body).

What's different about swimwear fashion when you are Muslim?

This one is actually challenging if you live as a local in a Muslim village because you can't show too much of your body. It's a small village and people can easily judge you. 
It’s ideal to be able cover cleavage and butt, but sometimes it's too heavy and you want to feel light when you are in the water. 

What would you like to wish to the girls, who feel they can't surf in Indonesia because is not popular?

I wish they can break this bad tradition because as Indonesian we're born to be in the sun. It's a grace that we live surrounded by the ocean and the waves.

 If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be?

Nias pleeeaaase! 


Thank you for your time

Thank you so much for all the questions! 






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