COVID-19 FOOD BANK: It's time to give back & together we are stronger


It's time to give back!

We need your support to go on fighting hunger in Bali. Now more than ever before.

We would love to introduce a beautiful project that we have recently joined - FOOD BANK with Founder Max Bratsun.  At Makara Wear, our clothing is handmade with great care by 2 Balinese families, and we are feeling a strong need to give back to the community.  We are so grateful for the people of Bali, with their crafty hands and lovely culture - we feel that now is a great time for us to give back to the people, especially those in need of food.  For every purchase you now make with us - 10% of the sale will be passed on to the FOOD BANK. 

We feel that this is our mission, that it's universal law to help each other during these difficult times.  We are not only giving 10% from our sales at Makara, but we would also like to invite our friend's, companies and partners to join this wonderful project with FOOD BANK.



Our friends & companies like:


....already joined FOOD BANK to help collect donations for Balinese's families.

If you feel, like you would like to donate and help in a bigger sum or directly meet families and help please contact us by

 FoodBank is an automated solution for management and tracking of your donations. We use data to make decisions on who needs help the most, and we make sure our combined efforts are applied proportionally to all people in need.

We have partnered with multiple Balinese food distribution initiatives run by locals and foreigners, and we're distributing basic food and hygiene packages ourselves employing volunteers and taking all safety measures.


To find out more about this project how you can become part of it please send us e-mail to if you would like to donate press here --------> FOOD BANK

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