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Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and the world.

Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and the world. - Makara wear

Makara’s thoughts on our swimwear, surf wear brand and… the world.
We are not a company that is in the business for profit only. We are part of a modern movement that inspires our generation to move forward, to achieve personal goals and dreams. We are here because we want to set an example to other companies on how to pay a fair and deserved salary, respect this planet earth, and help those that are around us. We are also here to offer something that is unique, meeting at the crossroad avenues of Modern and Vintage, that helps women move freely, be comfortable and look elegant. Makara’s goal is to provide women with fashionable surfwear, swimwear and cotton wear clothing.


We would like to have an opportunity to motivate you – to go out there, surf, run, do yoga, read books, educate yourself, travel, be health conscious and environmentally friendly. Makara promotes freedom of choice and we create swimwear to reflect that. Our team is driven to create fashion that reflects our thoughts and ideologies in every piece. Surfwear, yoga wear, pool party wear – whatever your occasion is – Makara has made a piece with you in mind. We refuse to make products that have to fit in the frame of popular media expectations… or the picture of “the perfect woman appearance” that is objectified by bikini companies . We make whatever it is that we like. Yes, we are different and it does come with a cost. Many don’t perceive us as “sexy enough” but we encourage you to rest assured – “sexy” is relative. It’s only a perspective that is built by our environment. We think courage, bravery, hunger for knowledge, athleticism is sexy. We create the true sexy.


We are all beautifully imperfect and as long as we don’t settle for less and do what our hearts please we will be able to reach the peak: happiness.


Paint your life in the colors YOU like, even if nobody around you understands your art. If you want to try surfing, go today. If you live in a cold climate, buy a ticket and go on a trip to a place where you can. Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. Achieve your personal goals and be true to yourself. Always.


Wherever you live just know that if your society feeds you limits, you do not have to eat that dish of sorrow. Do things that make your heart smile. Jimi Hendrix once said: “I’m the one that has to die when it’s time for me to die, so let me live my life, the way I want to.” So live on! No matter what you do, if you tune in with yourself and listen – you will succeed. Get out of that comfort bubble, go out there and learn about yourself through the prism of the glass experience box. You will succeed in your life, which you will explore fully and will reach destinations you never thought you were capable of reaching. Dial in. Tune in. Connect.

With lots of love and care,

Makara Wear Team

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