Surfer Mom and Director of Hotel Pacai Rūta Pulkauninkaitė  sharing her secrets how to do it all and at the same time enjoy travels. - Makara wear
Rūta is one of our lovely customers who wrote to us saying "Hey, I'm looking for something for travel and surfing", and we were like, "We got you covered, girl!"
She chose Red Open Scale One Piece swimsuit and got some amazing pictures taken wearing a Makara one-piece. This is when we decided to invite this lady, mother, surfer, traveler, director of Hotel Pacai ( ) for an interview. 
Powerhouse Ruta reveals how she manages TO DO IT ALL and what it's like to be splitting time between Bali and Lithuania. Ruta's presence is so calm, this woman just makes you smile! 
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Makara’s Soul Surf Brigade Went for a Morning Surf - Makara wear

Strength is built through loving yourself and discipline. There is nothing like a morning surf session with your girls to kick start the day. Makara’s soul surf brigade went and did exactly that: rose early and got in the water to enjoy themselves, got their workout in and prepared well for the day. Winners!

The girls tested the new Makara swimsuits in the ocean, in sizeable overhead conditions and their feedback was: “All Makara’s surf-wear fits like a second skin. We felt confident and comfortable – which is the most important thing in this sport”.

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