Our mission is to empower women worldwide by providing high-fashion, quality, functional and comfortable activewear & apparel, using sustainable materials with respect for people, and the environment.

Timeless design, functionality, and responsible consumerism are the qualities that we have cherished since inception. 

We are active participants in the conscious-fashion movement and inspire women from around the world to choose eco-friendly fashion and classic style over continually shifting trends.

Sustainability in Fashion

Preserving the resources and protecting the purity of planet Earth is our most significant concern, so we use every opportunity to advocate for eco-friendly fashion and promote responsible shopping to our customers. We believe that conscious spending is a step toward a better future for all.

In contrast to commercial fast-fashion and massive global production, we nurture timeless design, artisanal craft with attention to detail, and small batch production.

Globally, fashion is the second-most polluting industry, after mining, and has a major influence on climate change. That knowledge motivates us at Makara Wear, as a fashion eCommerce company, to lead positive change by limiting our carbon and plastic footprint through individually handcrafted sustainable pieces. 


Timeless Design

Makara Wear's exclusive collection is designed to withstand the test of time. Women can relish their favorite swimwear's versatility, outside of the beach or pool, as a universal add-on to their classic outfits.

Summer's natural elegance inspires us to tune our collection so that the pieces can be combined in various ways to highlight each owner's sense of personality and style. Thanks to these versatile and classic creations that come in a neutral color palette, women can experiment and enjoy different variations without the urge to extend their wardrobes every season.

Conscious purchases of timeless, high-quality pieces are the answer to sustainability in fashion that everyone can introduce, starting today.

Minimalistic aesthetics, together with the high-quality materials of Makara Wear's swimwear & activewear line, make it possible to wear for years to come.


Handmade in Bali, Indonesia

Every day we take action to lower our impact on the environment and to respect nature and the people we work with.

From the beginning, we have remained loyal to the same small Indonesian family-run factory. We ensure fair wages for the local Balinese artisanal families, who have been tailoring fabrics for generations.

Thanks to their great knowledge and handcrafting skills, every swimwear & apparel piece is finished with a personal touch that no machine could replace.

We cultivate diversity, incorporating local ideas when designing our creations. We believe our unique blend of cultures gives the Makara Wear's exceptional style.


Manufacturing Ethos

We purposely limit our stock by handcrafting pieces in small batches, to realize our zero-waste philosophy.

Creative use of leftovers provides a second life for fishing nets, plastic bottles, or old clothes and allows us to manufacture recycled & upcycled collections that withstand the test of time.

We carefully choose only the best quality fabrics and trims available. Samples are then tested under extreme conditions – from soaking in a chlorinated pool to prolonged exposure in salty ocean water, and even boiling. Materials that pass these tests are then handcrafted, with great attention to detail, to give you comfortable and timeless activewear - and protect our planet.


Quality Sustainable Fabrics

Our exclusive collection is universal and timeless, not only thanks to minimalistic aesthetics, but also to high-quality fabrics. We focus exclusively on materials that have superior longevity and are sustainably sourced. 

We use a recycled nylon lycra blend from Italy, ECONYL®, to create our swimwear line; and organic cotton, bamboo, and upcycled silk and satin, for our apparel collection. With the unique features of our fabrics, women can enjoy their favorite swimwear & apparel for years to come.


ECONYL® from Italy

ECONYL® is regenerated/recycled nylon yarn derived from pre- and post-industrial waste such as discarded fishing nets, carpet fluff, tulle, and other unwanted materials. They are recovered and regenerated instead of being disposed of in a landfill. Then we use the material to produce our unique, minimalistic swimwear collection. 

Our decision to use ECONYL® is because it reduces nylon's global warming impact by up to 90% compared with materials derived from oil. Its texture is enriched with SPF 50 protection, resists chlorine 10 times better than other materials, and stays tight longer than average nylon lycra.


Organic Cotton, Bamboo & Upcycled Silk, and Satin

For our underwear & apparel collection, we use only the softest organic cotton and bamboo fabrics. They are non-allergic, healthier for the skin, and have proven antibacterial properties.

Organic cotton grows in toxic-free conditions – using rainwater and without chemicals to fertilize the soil. Growing organic cotton produces 46% less CO2 compared to conventional cotton.

Since 2020 we have also been working with upcycled ( dead stock) materials such as silk and satin. 

Finding trustworthy factories and suppliers that specialize in contributing quality leftover materials is a challenge. That's why every silk or satin piece we create is in limited supply. We manufacture small batches to advance our zero-waste philosophy and apply that principle to every little detail. 


Essential Partners

Yearly, 8 million tons of waste ends up in our seas, and 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned at the bottom of the ocean. To reduce that damaging footprint on ocean life, we collaborate with Healthy Seas and Aquafil SpA. Healthy Seas is a non-governmental organization that removes ghosted fishing nets and other pollutants from oceans; Aquafil SpA is an Italian supplier that transforms those materials into recycled nylon lycra, ECONYL®. 

These essential partners of ours are fighting for conscious fashion and supplying us with sustainable fabrics that will serve women as swimwear for years.


Conscious Packaging

At Makara Wear, we care equally for the environment and our customers. That's why we select our packaging wisely to provide a completely sustainable product.

All our swimwear & apparel comes with minimalistic packaging – a small linen bag. We intentionally avoid attaching label tags, print mailers, plastic covers, or protection pads to the garments.

Choosing Makara Wear means choosing an eco-friendly, plastic-free, and toxic-free product. The swimwear & apparel collection meets our high standards and responds to your conscious shopping ethos in every detail.


Giving Back

The ultimate universal law of cause and effect pulls us beyond profit or publicity.

Our mission is to give back. 



We  donate 5% of our sales to non-profit organizations and take every opportunity to invite our clients, contractors, friends, and families to join a wonderful project that we created together with Food Bank Bali.

Also, we are devastated about situation in Ukraine at the moment, so our full price from all our accesories will go to World Food Programme for Ukraine - saving lives is changing lives.

On our journey, as we grow as a brand, we will continue to find ways to give back to people and our planet.

If you have any interesting ideas or feedback for us, email our Founder, Gerda, at


We would love to hear from you!