INTERVIEW with one of the most fashionable people in Bali – Kelly Ariella

INTERVIEW with one of the most fashionable people in Bali – Kelly Ariella - Makara wear

Introducing Kelly – who’s kicking ass with her provocative style and new natural cosmetic brand – WAKE UP WITH ME. She’s simply all over the place. Right now, she’s preparing next spring’s Gili Air Festival – a 3 day music event in Indonesia’s famed Gili Islands. In-between creating music events and launching her own signature cosmetic line, she’s also a super hot model and stylist. Luckily for us, she loves Makara Wear bikinis and no matter how busy it gets, she finds time for the beach… Find out more about Kelly’s dream trips and her just launched cosmetic brand below.



Tell us about yourself in one sentence?

Constantly dreaming, always passionate

What’s your favorite sport?

My favourite sport was soccer when I was younger! I was part of an all-girls football team and we kicked ass.

What’s your favorite color?

I’m currently obsessed with Rose Quartz





Have you ever tried surfing? If yes, how long have you been surfing?

To be honest I think I tried surfing when I was really young and I liked it but I never pursued it.





Thats a hard one. I do quite a few different things.. My main focus at the moment is my newly launched Natural Skin Care line called “Wake up With Me”. I’m also a stylist and part of a collective that organises a 3-day electronic music festival in Gili Air called the Air Festival.


What’s keeps you busy everyday?

I spend most of my days working on Wake up with me, trying to find new stockists and basically getting the word out!

Tell me more about your new brand” ?

Wake up with me is a natural coffee-based skin care line, at the moment I have three products. A Cacao and Coffee Masque, A Coconut and Coffee Body Scrub and a Raw Coffee Serum. It is all about natural beauty, plant-based skin care and having fun.


What inspired you to do a natural cosmetic brand?

I was having issues with my skin and I wanted to fix them naturally, I realized that there was a lack of natural products in Bali so i decided to make my own! It was just a hobby at first but then i found out this is something I want to do full-time and thus WUWM was born.

Why do you like Makara Wear bikinis?

I like Makara bikinis because they are functional and stay on! Especially after getting tumbled by a wave at Echo Beach.



And which ones do you have?
I have a one piece with Open Back (Open Scale) And Bikini in Army Colour (Midriff Bikini)

What’s the most important thing you look for in a bikini?

The most important thing is that it is flattering and stays on in all the right places.

Where you would travel, if you could go anywhere?
Morocco and Cuba are pretty high up on my wanderlust list at the moment.

Where are you based?
In Bali.

Where were you born?
I was born in Yogyakarta it’s a city in Indonesia, about an hour flight from Bali.


All photos Captured by : Olga Sinenko

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