TRAVEL:Early Morning Rituals: Custom Motorbikes and Makara Wear Babes

Early Morning Rituals – it’s the most important thing of your day.
We love to start our days like this ….

Living in today’s fast-paced world, it is so crucial to remind ourselves what truly matters. It’s important to find friends that are soul mates who, no matter what, will sign up for an adventure with you.

Go for rides, travel spontaneously, surf the waves of the mysterious ocean or do anything that brings joyous challenge into your daily routine. You can help each other find yourselves by getting lost…




“A Free Spirit isn’t a rebel. A free Spirit is simply free within oneself. Radiating their light up and out to breathe the sweet medicine of new rhythms and roads into an often stagnant world.”



So get out there and live your life with fear set aside. Do not let routine define you. Shine! Make friends, learn about places, admire people, be active and above all – explore yourselves. While doing all of this remember: peace is not a destination, rather it is a present moment.



Biker girls: Chulpana Galimova and Gerda Mi
Photographer: Saskia Koerner
MUA: Julez Art
Text: Kristina Maciukaite

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