CUSTOMER's STORY:Elise Grey sharing how she find out about Makara Wear label and how it feels to be 70 years old and be a model

CUSTOMER's STORY:Elise Grey sharing how she find out about Makara Wear label and how it feels to be 70 years old and be a model - Makara wear


Elise Grey is one of our favorite customers, she is an amazing mom, a grandmother and a model. We met her through the e-mail, when she sent us a thank you note saying that she loved our design and she was amazed about the quality and practicality of the swimwear.

We loved her story - the way she got introduced to our brand. Basically, her daughter bought some swimwear from us in Bali and got back home to Australia, one day Elise just stole Nude Ex-libris from her daughter's closet and just fell in love with the swimming suit. She has been already our loyal customer of Makara Wear for the last 3 years.We love customers who are like this, not to mention that Elise looks amazing in her 70's. The most important for us is her values and her trust in herself. She is the sweetest lady to communicate to and she is super supportive to us - MAKARA WEAR.

We are still a very small and local brand. We try to change and improve our product every day. That's why we became 100% sustainable. We are more than happy to see our amazing customers enjoying our products all around the world

!Stay sustainable Elise, you wonderful lady and beautiful soul! And so happy to see you in your 7th swimwear of Makara wear.

Makara wear Long Sleeve Classic

Elise wearing Long Sleeve Classic


A content woman of faith and fun, mother of four, grandmother of ten and lover of flowers.

South Africa grew up in Zimbabwe - I love Africa, live now in Australia.


Wearing Makara wear Ex-libris

Wearing Nude Ex-libris

Tennis and super regular fitness exercise

Art, Creative writing, Design, Styling, Fashionista. Motivational speaker.

Retired Architect. Illustrator + Publisher. Now Modelling. Loooove making huge/massive floral + leafy bouquet-posies for those who deserved to be showered with flowers
makara wear
makara wear
makara wear
Elise wearing Red Ex-libris
To accomplish and enjoy a successful outcome after hard work and perseverance!

To seek and do the will of God - not so easy but pleasing

Excellent design and quality fabric that flatters the body

Makara Wear differs
Elegantly sexy. Every piece a brilliant design that goes beyond swimwear - I wear mine as tops, with drop crutch dungarees, long sleeve as wetsuit and as thermal vest in snow and well, wherever and whenever. The moment I put on my maker confidence.Customer care excellent.  
makara wear customer
Elise wearing Long Sleeve Classic
Makara wear Ex-libris
Elise Grey wearing White Ex-libris
My first Makarawear
Black Ex-Libris
Because I looooved the broad strapped crossed back and leg line, just every detail that I was dreaming of!
Chose Makara wear because no other brand has their funky trendy design philosophy.

Model at 70+
Amazing feeling of selfworth and renewed purpose. Great opportunity and challenge to apply my design and styling knowledge in an age appropriate way in order to motivate all ages to pursue a healthy lifestyle and never stop looking cute.
The challenge is to stay fit, eat right ( I follow Dr Steve Gundry’s Plant Paradox), use the best skin care brand (my favourite is Kora Organics), the best hair stylist  (Sarah Chandler Hairdresser stylist, Manly) and live chemical free, cannot function without Norwex.

Inspiration to become a model:
I went to a boarding school in Zimbabwe and during school holidays I would take coffee and treats for my dad in the cottonfields on our African chef’s bicycle but not without dressing up as if we were going to a fashion show… mum died young, dad and I were best friends, he always complimented my style.
Years later, in 2017 my architect daughter got the creative brainwave and researched mature aged modelling opportunities in Australia and introduced me to Silverfoxmgmt and I salute my girl for it. 

My advice and deepest desire for those who feel discouraged about their appearance in swimwear:
I know how she feels... the secret is to rediscover your inner and outer beauty. Embrace your uniqueness, respect your age and the changes that comes with it and choose attractive swimwear that compliments your looks.

Elise and her husband in her 30's

ATTITUDE! A delightful attitude makes any outfit, be it swimwear or an apron, look awesome! 
Develop the art of balancing confidence, humility and kindness.

Greek Island SIFNOS and BALI!

E L I S E  🖤
I salute Makara Wear!


  • Joylena Wells

    Hi Elise,
    I just discovered you in over60sixty mag I picked up for first time bribie pacific harbour golf club. I was attending an Xmas party with 40 ladies in a coffee group I belong to.
    Wow you on the cover of over 60 sixty amazing, stunning look and very clever lady you sure are.
    Made me immediately want to google n learn more about you. Inspiration was the key word..
    I’d luv to know when you maybe near Sunshine Coast or Brisbane in 2023 and if your doing any talks at those locations.
    I’m 70years but act years younger, should exercise more but try to do it daily, unfortunately I’ve got a sweet tooth so work hard to retain a good weight. I’ve had a facial and tummy tuck 7 years ago in Thailand but things changing now…dropping…n going
    Hope to get a reply soon…
    Seasons greetings….take care n keep up fab job you doing in your career..
    Kind regards
    Joylena (ningi) bribie island sunny coast

  • Jacqueline Arenhardt

    I am a single mum Living in Sri Lanka. I would love to sell your swimwear here in sri lanka. Let me know if you would be interested in that. Also I would love to be the next model and advertise the brand here in sri lanka. I am 39 years old and a mum of one boy who is 3 years old.


    Marelie, you can order – and we ship it to SA. WE SHIP IT WORLDWIDE

  • Marelie

    Elise and my mom are friend since we were young children. She has always been the most positive and God-loving tannie (Afrikaans for auntie) I Knew. She is an inspiration for us young ones to look after ourselves and never give up when the going gets tough.
    I wish Mara-Wear was available in SA!

  • Steff

    So honoured to have Elise as my special niece You are a inspiration to us all Keep up the great modelling

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